Auctioneer tips for a fun, profitable gala

  • Have your auctioneer meet with the auction committe to discuss run of show, items, and unique opportunities.
  • Allow auctioneer to place auction items in best order. Professional auctioneers know best!
  • Do not overload auction with too many items.
  • Include a "Fund-A-Cause" portion of the live auction. This will allow every person attending to contribute!
  • A good sound system and lighting is a must!
  • Keep your item descriptions short, and to the point.
  • Bring in a spokesperson for your event. Ideally someone with a passion for your mission. However, make sure to explain time constraints to keep your event moving. Long-winded announcements can shift the crowd energy.
  • Make sure to have enough volunteers to cover the room.
  • It is best to close the silent auction during the live auction portion of your evening. Grab everyone's attention!
  • If your budget allows, hire professional ringmen (also called spotters). They not only assist the auctioneer, they also can work the crowd up close.
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